Project Partners

We are 6 partners from 5 countries (with 2 UK Organisations) 

Below you can find out a little more about each partner and their contact details

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Coordinator - Help Direct / age UK (UK)
Age UK Lancashire is a charity working with and for older people in Lancashire.
Our staff and volunteers provide a wide range of services and support for older people which include social, leisure and educational activities,
as well as campaigning on behalf of older people about national and local issues which matter.
Help Direct is an Age UK project specifically aimed at health and well-being and preventative measures for all adults over 18.
Help Direct's role in this partnership is to work with older learners to share their life skills, business expertise and management skills with younger volunteers.
info [at]

Lancaster & Morecambe College (UK)
Lancaster & Morecambe College (LMC) is a public sector Further Education College with a long history of working with socially disadvantaged groups.
LMC has particuar expertise in delivering Basic and Foundation Skills to support both disadvantaged young adults and other learners and has piloted a number of projects within this area including activities defined as Inter-generational Learning (IGL). LMC's role in this project is to be the second partner and second UK organisation.
LMC has considerable expertise in creating opportunities for the NEET (not in education employment or training) adults that are targeted in this project. LMC will introduce the concept of self employment and enterprise to an often marginalised section of society.
Contact: Europe [at]


Inercia Digital S.L (Spain)

Inercia Digital is a young innovative Spanish company with outlets nationwide.

Its main target is to contribute organizations and entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to both e-business and online entrepreneurship skills.

Contact: contacta [at]


 SOCIAL NETWORKS – Inercia Digital S.L. 








Horama Thesprotias (Greece)
Horama Thesprotias is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation.
Its primary goal is to raise awareness on issues related to European Integration, national policies and EU policies regarding social issues, economic matters, enviromental affairs, youth problems, women issues and vulnerable groups with disabilities.
horama.thesprotias [at]

De Plannenmakers (The Netherlands)
De Plannenmakers are active in the guiding the 5 main stages of entrepreneurship.
Starting entrepreneurs are prepared for business in small groups and attention is given to communication, the business plan, financial business, website building and coaching.
info [at]

Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies Association
(Czech Republic)
Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies Association (a.k.a. Don’t Be a Victim) is focused on preventive education of pupils in elementary schools, teachers and parents in areas of dangerous use of the Internet and communication technologies. 
We are engaged in making videos, production of comic strips and educational programmes, organisation of lectures and international co-operational projects.
Contact: nebudobet [at]